Here’s How You Can Acquire Portugal’s Golden Visa

Here’s How You Can Acquire Portugal’s Golden Visa

Here’s How You Can Acquire Portugal’s Golden Visa

If you are considering buying property in Portugal and wish to get a Golden Visa, you have a couple of options. Traditionally, Golden visa investors have focused on properties in Porto, Lisbon, and the coast. However, with upcoming changes to the Golden visa program, current Golden visa investors face a high risk of rejection. So, before you rush to buy, find a developer who will allow you to back out if the purchase does not go to plan. How to get golden visa in Portugal.

Application process:

Those interested in obtaining a golden visa in Portugal must first qualify. To qualify, individuals must have a non-EU/EEA/Swiss national passport and a clean criminal history in Portugal and their home country. They must also invest funds in Portugal to create at least 10 new jobs. Applicants may be able to claim a child as a dependent. However, if the child is over 18, they must be enrolled in full-time education. The applicant must also have the legal custody of siblings.


To get a golden visa in Portugal, you must pay various fees. The initial application fee is around EUR550, and you will need to pay another EUR80 if you want to renew your visa after two years. Other fees include a government application fee and legal fees. These fees may vary based on your specific situation and your chosen law firm.

Requirements for a Portugal golden visa:

If you are interested in becoming a permanent resident of Portugal, you must first meet the requirements for a Portugal Golden visa. This residency program allows you to live and work in the country for five years, own and rent the property, and travel freely within Europe. In addition, you can apply for EU citizenship after five years.


If you plan to live in Portugal, you can take advantage of the Golden visa. This visa is for those who intend to work and invest in the country. Typically, this involves investing in real estate or investing in a fund. Besides investment, this type of visa also allows you to create jobs and give back to the country.

Qualifying investments:

Foreign investors must make qualifying investments in Portugal to qualify for a Golden Visa. These investments must be of a value of EUR280, 000 or higher. A 20% discount is allowed for investments in low-density areas. Investors must also obtain a Portuguese NIF and tax number. They must also complete tax forms and submit the necessary documents.