Everything You Need To Know About Axonify

Everything You Need To Know About Axonify

Everything You Need To Know About Axonify

Axonify is an intelligent productivity suite designed to change shift workers’ and managers’ behaviors. It helps them with task execution and continuous training. The app provides brief guidance and links to resources to improve their performance. A typical training session takes about 5 minutes to complete. The app also includes a test for participants to determine their knowledge level.


Microlearning provides short, targeted lessons that employees can take in their daily work flow. The lessons can include videos, quizzes, and job aids. They’re easy to consume and close knowledge gaps quickly. Compared to traditional learning methods, microlearning is customized to individual preferences and skill sets, allowing learning to be tailored to the unique needs of individual participants.

Axonify offers a rich learning experience that allows employees to improve their knowledge and skills. New lessons are posted daily, and employees earn points when completing the tasks. Each lesson is custom-tailored using adaptive learning techniques. Users can also take quizzes and play games to further their learning.

Continuous reinforcement:

Continuous reinforcement is a behavioral therapy technique in which a subject is repeatedly rewarded after performing a particular behavior. This type of reinforcement helps to reduce the risk of a response burst, which occurs when a person is rewarded for doing a specific behavior too quickly. This technique can also prevent extinction, a period when a behavior ceases to be reinforced even after the reinforcer has been delivered.

Easy to use:

Axonify is a learning platform that is easy to use for learners. It focuses on providing learning materials that make learning fun and relevant. Its learning tools are designed with mobile devices in mind. This means the system is easy to access and ideal for companies with remote employees.

While companies of all sizes can use axonify, it is most appropriate for organizations with 1000+ employees. Its most common uses are asynchronous learning, assessment management, and academic/education environments. However, the system may not be the right fit for every company based on its price, user ratings, and suitability.

Lack of a learning attribution engine:

Axonify is an online training platform that measures how well employees understand and apply the information they have learned. The company’s learning attribution engine is AI-powered and provides real-time insights on the impact of training. The company has more than 130 customers in 95 countries. Its goal is to make learning relevant, personal and impactful.