How To Know If You Want To Have An Auspicious License Plate Number!

Today, we gather principles and auspicious car registration numbers for you. How to look? Let’s look at which side to enhance your luck.

1. Combined, The Number 5 Or More Is Considered Good.

All numbers are added together to get 5 or more. It is considered auspicious, for example, 6571.

Front and back pair Added together from 5 or more is considered good. If the number 9 is also considered very good, for example, the first 2781 pair 2+7 = 9 and 8+1 = 9 means progress, step back, progress, sure enough.

Front number and back number You can add up to 5 or more. If it’s 9, it’s considered very well, for example, 4554.

2. Combined, The Number 13 Is Considered A Death Number!

All numbers must be added together, not number 13, for example, 7500 0094.

front pair and back pair Adding together must not be a number 13. For example, 8594, the first pair 8+5 = 13 and 9+4 = 13, which means both back and forth death.

The first and last digits Must add together, not the number 13; for example, 7886 will see that 7+6 = 13 is considered dead both back and forth.

3. The Number 1 Is Not Paired, Not Straddled, Is Like A Coffin.

The first and last digits should not be a number 1, such as 1431, 1001, or 1541.

There should be no 1 in a row, for example, 1143 6411.

3 Auspicious Numbers. It’s Good To Have In The Car Registration!

  • Number 7: It is a registration number with high numbers. It is considered a lucky number.
  • Number 8: A good number of Chinese people like, suitable for trading, making more trade.
  • Number 9: Auspicious number, famous for prosperity.

Check for numerology 36 for car license plate (ผล รวม เลข ทะเบียน รถ 36 which is the term in Thai)

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