The Main Reason Why An Automatic Wristwatch Is Better

Few people don’t know that automatic watches are great options to buy or give that special someone, because unlike in the past, today there are super affordable and quality automatic models which is of great importance. Check out

To Appreciate The Great Effort And Engineering Behind It

How can anyone create something that does a complex thing without relying on electronics in today’s electronics age? Timing is indeed very easy with a quartz watch. A small quartz movement is enough to count the hours. You need to connect one battery cell, and it will work. Many good things were born out of electronics, like smartphones and smartwatches (which is pretty cool, by the way).

But, on the other hand, we have an automatic watch that seeks to keep time accurately (almost) without relying on electronics. It uses balance wheel-shaped mechanical moving parts to keep time. There is also the automatic winding and power reserve module and the time display module.

And then cram it all into a very small footprint that can be used on our wrists. Now, this is something not everyone can do. There are at least 100 small parts in an automatic watch, and they all need to be designed, manufactured, and assembled perfectly for the watch to work.

These watches like Rolex Submariner date for instance, are built with a lot of effort. Undoubtedly, the automatic watch is the culmination of centuries of human effort to time.

The Experience Of Using It Is Different From The Regular Quartz Watch

The following reason to buy an automatic watch is that it feels different when worn than the regular quartz watch. It’s a great watch and works without any problem. But, as I mentioned above, it is run entirely by electronics, which makes it quite boring to use. There’s not a lot of fun in using one, to be honest.

Automatic watches, on the other hand, are something else entirely. Like all mechanical devices, you need to pay attention to how it works to use it correctly. There’s the power reserve issue; you may need to wind up manually, there’s more need to reset (especially if you have a lot of watches in your collection), you need to keep track of your accuracy, you need to be aware and bring it to the service, and a bunch of other things.

In addition, the automatic watch also features the self-winding mechanism in the form of a free-moving rotor that moves with the movement of the wrist. This type of mechanical feedback makes wearing the watch something unique and not found in other types of watch.

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