What Are The Benefits Of Custom Leather Holsters?

Custom leather holsters are another type of holsters that can be customized. Custom leather holsters get made using leather, which is very popular among all the materials. There are many other materials that can get used to making custom leather holsters. But leather has attained the top consideration to make custom leather holsters. Besides all the merits of leather, there are certain demerits of leather too.

Below listed are some of the reasons why leather is a top contender for custom holster making, and also why people like a custom leather holster, so that it can help you independently choose whether it would be perfect for you or not.

Flexibility And Durability Of Leather

One of the best features of leather is its durability. Leather is incredibly durable, which makes it the best of the materials. Some more features of leather include Its sturdiness and long-lasting character. These features make leather the perfect choice for custom holsters.

Besides its durability, if sometimes Leather gets exposed to rough weather conditions like heavy rain, high humidity, moisture, and freezing temperatures leather may be torn out. But if you maintain it with proper care, it can last over 15 years.

Quietly Drawing Of Weapons

Another compatible feature of leather includes its soundless drawing of weapons. Unlike other holsters, Leather provides soundless withdraw of weapons like pistols or guns. It is because of the flexibility of leather that allows the drawing of the weapons without any sound. This feature is helpful when there is any situation for silent and quick action.

The Variety Of Choices Provided

The essential feature includes a wide range of choices. Leather is such a material that offers various options to the user, thus making it easier to choose. Both natural leather or synthetic bring uniqueness to the product, which other materials do not provide.

The Comparison Between Leather And Kydex

Talking about the materials for custom holsters, one of the legendary fights is between Leather and Kydex. Below listed is the comparison of Leather and Kydex based on their durability and variety:


Durability is one of the most important factors every person wishes for. If you talk about leather and Kydex, then Kydex is more durable than leather as it withstands higher wear and tear. It is because of the rigidness and water-resistant feature of Kydex. Besides being water-resistant, Kydex can also resist abrasion, chemicals, solvents, etc.


If we talk about a variety of choices, then the winner is leather. Leather offers a wide range of choices, whereas Kydex does not provide that many varieties. As Kydex is a resin type-of material, it lasts for a long time and is generally more durable to offer better reholstering. Kydex does not require high maintenance, and it is easy to clean.

Keeping every feature aside the choices depend on personal preference. The durability, flexibility, maintenance, etc., are all benefits which can differ based on the specific material used and its quality. Gun owners can choose which material suits their needs better and accordingly get their gun holsters made.

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