3 Tips For Not Making A Mistake When Buying Your Boot

To help you choose the right boot, we’ve separated a list with tips on which elements need special attention when sorting your shoes.

  1. Clearly Define What Types Of Adventures You Will Have

If you usually go on long trails and crossings, where the hikes will take hours and the backpack is heavy, you will need a boot with a different type of cushioning, more robust to have a better return on the effort made. While walking, so your knees and joints will feel a lot less. If you usually make short trails and are looking for quick steps, the ideal is to opt for a light boot.

  1. Know What Terrain You Will Come Across On Your Adventure

Rocks, dirt, snow, depending on the terrain, you may need a different boot. Snowy or ice trails, for example, call for boots with unique technology. Soles with this technology have protrusions that expand when in contact with the ice to ensure more safety and prevent you from slipping on snow.

On the more technical trails, with many rocks and inclinations, a sole with a bigger grip and a well-reinforced toe is necessary to protect the feet from friction with possible obstacles. Trails with more sandy terrain or that mix dirt and asphalt roads, such as the Camino de Santiago, can be made with the boots for quick steps.

  1. Test Your Boot

If you buy your boot like white safety shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ สี ขาว which the term in Thai)  in a physical store, take the opportunity to walk a little with it and feel if you adapt. Remember to wear a sock similar to the one you wear on the trails. If you can, climb stairs and test your boot on a sloping surface that simulates a steep descent.

Even buying online, you can do the same tests once the boot arrives at your house before going out on your first trial with it. When you decide you’re comfortable with your boot, start softening it. Use it on a tour of the city, take a walk around the house, finally, leave it in the shape of your foot so that your trail is even better.

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