How Hi-tech Weapons Technology Proliferation Occurs

If you wish to understand how nuclear proliferation has in the past happened during the last 50 years you’ll be able to use read all the old Rand Corp think tank reports, and you will find some nice charts and visuals to exhibit precisely how it takes place, and just how whether it continues it’ll increase tremendously, and finally all nations may have nuclear weapons. That’s pretty frightening thinking about a few of the rogue dictators running a few of these countries, and also the under ethical unscrupulous Machiavellian leaders of rogue nation-states and just how they rule.

Obviously, it’s not only nuclear weapon proliferation which should concern us. We ought to be quite worried about biological and chemical weapons. We ought to be worried about future weapons for example weather control weapons, antigravity weapons, and thought control weapons. All individuals things we are coping with later on decades in the future. And just what about all the present high-tech weaponry for example

Stealth Fighter Planes

ICBM Short Range Anti-Ship Missiles

Ultra-quiet Submarines

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies

Scramjet Propulsion

Cyber Warfare Technologies

It’s amazing how rapidly advanced technologies fall under both your hands of rogue nations, and our opponents. Simply mind boggling how difficult it’s to help keep a secret nowadays, with online social systems, the web, and personal computers, it’s as though not a secret is protected. Therefore, any technology we create, our opponents will quickly have, and for that reason we have to create our very own defenses to the own offensive weapon technologies just before releasing them into our very own military.

Okay so, let us talk a bit about unmanned aerial vehicles, and future unmanned stealth fighter planes and attack aircraft. There is a fascinating article lately on PressTV “Israel Forbids South america to market UAVs to Aircrafts to Venezuela” published on This summer 9, 2011. Ends up that Israel offered UAVs to South america to assist with surveillance and also to stop drug trafficking.

The thing is, if South america shares UAV technology with Venezuela, Venezuela and Iran are very close. Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad take presctiption each other peoples speed dial. We know for certain that technology for missiles, aircraft, along with other weaponry was already exchanged. We should think that any nuclear technology that Iran has, has additionally been distributed to Venezuela.

It’s unfortunate for Israel since they’re attempting to help South america with drug trafficking, and when Venezuela will get your hands on that technology it can offer to Iran, which can offer to Hezbolla, and they’ll utilize it to fight the Jewish condition. These types of unexpected things happen constantly, it’s became of the united states, also it’s occur to Israel before.

Also missile defense shields which defend one nation can finish up at the disposal of our enemy and stop us from reciprocating once they attack us. Indeed, I think you’ll will surprise consider all of this in deep thought, and think onto it.

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