Clean Coal Technology – What is the Real Problem, Why the Endure?

Okay so, where’s all of this clean coal technology when it’s needed anyway? I am talking about how come we fooling around with wind power when it’s is not everything reliable (sometimes the wind does not blow). And solar sounds great and also the Aztec Sun Worshipers were not that remote within their worldly views I guess, but we do not really make solar power panels here, mostly they are available from China and Germany the thing is.

Knowing anything concerning the energy industry then you definitely realize we’ve over 250-many years of coal available, proven reserves, even 80-years if 1 / 2 of individuals were driving all-electric plug-ins. So, what is the endure, we’ve clean-coal technologies, mega coal reserves, and people who wish to breathe don’t we? Sure we all do, but there’s more into it than that.

A few of the renewable power thinkers think that we want a Carbon Cap and Trade scenario when we hope to obtain the ball moving here. For example, there is a fascinating article lately in Durch Technology Review entitled “Cleaner Coal Faces an Uncertain Future – The finish of the ambitious carbon-capture project implies that it’s difficult to economically justify we’ve got the technology even without the a carbon policy,” By Peter Fairley (published on This summer 20, 2011).

Peter rightfully notes all of the challenges with clean coal technologies for example low natural gases prices, and too little a cohesive energy generation policy within this country, together with Environmental protection agency attacks around the industry and ecological groups suing to avoid expansion, upgrades, or implementation from the most advanced technology, most of which could boost product by half again, minimizing costs while reducing pollution, because of the DOE funding of research.

Okay so, that’s all interesting, however, if the challenges are with rules, EIR reports, class action lawsuit lawsuits, ecological activism, and policies or insufficient, then so why do we want a cap and trade program to spur on clean-coal initiatives, why don’t you just prevent these lawsuits that are stopping the upgrades and permit the disposable-sell to spend the main city to enhance efficiency in coal-fired plants, streamline the permitting process, cull the power for ecological lawsuits, and obtain this done?

Well, it seems to become that we do not have any kind of real energy policy. What we should appear to possess is that this knee-jerk reactions to ecological oil spills, coal mining accidents, sludge levee breaks, along with a government which creates temporary policy in line with the occasions in news reports, the political lobbyists in Washington Electricity, as well as an sporadic and incoherent renewable power strategy. This is not adequate for America, we want better. We want clean coal technologies, and when anything we ought to assist the industry have this done, because it would lower energy costs for those Americans.

When we will keep our energy costs lower, only then do we may have more jobs see how to avoid and high manufacturing, and much more profits for small companies. This can equal more jobs, more business activities, greater tax revenues for that government, and it’ll aid in increasing the grade of living and quality existence of each and every middle-class American. Indeed I think you’ll will surprise consider all of this and think onto it.

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