So, you’re looking for a new mattress? If so, you’ve probably come across two of the most popular types of mattress materials; memory foam and hybrid. In this article, we will talk about what exactly is a memory foam mattress and what is a hybrid mattress. Additionally, we will talk about why you should get one over the other and which one is the right one for you. Let’s hop in! Click here for simplyrest

Memory foam and latex foam

Memory foam is made from a polymer called polyurethane and you’re going to find this material in objects such as car seats, sofas, and more importantly like today, mattresses. So, memory foam has this soft and supportive feel, so you slowly sink into the mattress when you sleep. On the other hand, a hybrid mattress is going to have soft and comfortable layers on top or some type of foam cover layer on top that could be latex, memory Foam, a blend of the two, or some other type of Polyfoam beneath along with the support of coils. It is going to have a couple of layers on top and you’re going to have a latex-like foam layer. beneath that, there is a memory foam and a Zone transition layer. In the last section, you’re going to have your support of coils. So that is a hybrid construction. So, what are the differences between a memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress? Well, first off is going to be in the construction. memory foam mattresses, as we’re talking about today, is going to be an all-foam mattress. The hybrid mattress on the other hand is going to have coils that are going to make it very different. 

Hybrid foam

Now let’s look into the drawbacks of hybrid mattresses. First off, research says that they are very breathable. You have a coils section in the bottom that allows for more airflow and shouldn’t trap so much heat as memory foam sleepers shouldn’t sleep so hot. Also, they’re going to be more supportive. So the coils add some serious support in the mattress and should be able to handle heavier weights than a memory foam mattress, but at the same time, you have a soft comfort layer on top, so it’s going to be a good balance of comfort and support. It has soft Comfort layers on top along with the support of coils, so it is good for all three sleeping positions. 


So, with memory foam, first off, if you want to slowly sink into your mattress kind of feel that quicksand you slow-moving feel memory foam is definitely right for you. It’s more like you’re sleeping in their Mattress as compared to on top of the mattress. So, if you like that, you should definitely check out memory foam also. It’s usually a better fit for side sleepers. 

Memory foam mattresses are going to save you some money. They’re usually priced lower than hybrid mattresses. So, if you don’t want to spend quite so much money upfront, you should definitely check out memory foam.

Which mattress a person should buy?