From the time (18th century) mattresses came into this world, the choice for the right mattress was a tough decision for sleepers to bring a mattress that satisfies them according to their sleep positions. In the beginning, mattresses may not have been designed according to the sleep positions but, in this modern age, everyone needs a comfortable sleep that comes with the perfectly designed memory foam beds that matches their sleep positions.

Side Sleepers:

Most of the people sleep with their arms and legs bent and curled in towards their body and spine in a gently curved state. It is the most common sleep position. According to a survey, 74% of the world’s population sleeps in this position.

Moreover, this position a bit curvy one, so the sleeper will need a mattress that fits the gaps between a curvy spine and for this purpose, a soft mattress would be preferable. A mattress that has a thick soft layer of at least three inches is considerable.

Stomach Sleepers:

The most beneficial position when it comes to soundproof sleep because it may help the sleeper to stop snoring. Otherwise, this position has a lot of disadvantages but if it makes you comfortable then all that matters is the right selection of mattresses that can help reduce the disadvantages.

About 16% of the world’s population sleep on their stomach out of which almost 90% are youngsters. This position can cause severe back pain if the mattress is not wisely selected. 

A soft but thin layer is considered best for the stomach sleepers. A mattress should have this much comfort that is enough to provide a cushioning to bony parts. A firm layer will prevent the back to go into an unwanted curvy position which results in severe back pain

 Back Sleepers:

This is the best-considered sleep position by the doctors. It is widely suggested by parents all over the world, because, it gives a more relaxing feel while sleeping. Many people find this position comfortable but the problem with this position is snoring and sleep apnea.

This is the best sleep position for relief in back pains. This position, unfortunately, is adopted by only 10% of the total world’s population. However, if someone is facing back pain or just relaxing the selection of the right mattress would be just as necessary as medicine for back pain. A firm mattress with a two inches thick comfortable upper layer is best to serve the purpose. If one finds a firm layered mattress that will be the best match for back sleepers.

Mattresses and Sleep Positions